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The Ultra-Floor for the Ultra-Gym

Is exercise a part of your daily routine? Are you interested in incorporating physical movements into your life? Even though it is not necessary, having a well setup and appealing exercise area can help to motivate you to work up that sweat and challenge your body. If you are interested in setting up a gym […]

Safety First: Don’t Slip Up!

One of the most dangerous circumstances in any space is a wet, slippery floor. Slipping and falling is a very common accident in the workplace. A slippery floor can cause many issues and problems, ranging from mild to serious. In any environment, the safety of the people working or passing through the area is of […]

Safety First: It’s a Chain Reaction!

Are you looking for a way to cordon off an area? Do you need something to help you with crowd control, whether it is in a store or at an event? Do you need a product that helps to provide an excellent, organized system when used for traffic control and vehicle direction? The answer to […]

EVA Foam: Great for Kids (and Knees!)

What is EVA Foam? Are you looking for a comfortable flooring option? A soft surface for your kids to play on? Or a cushioning floor that provides a durable space for light fitness activities? EVA Foam tiles make a perfect product solution suitable for these needs. They are made of soft, shock-absorbent materials that make […]

Let’s Step Outside This Summer

One of the most important parts of setting up your outdoor area is the flooring. Artificial grass tiles and rubber playground tiles are excellent flooring options because they are maintenance free, comfortable to sit on, and long-lasting.

Why You Need A Yoga Mat

A good quality yoga mat makes your practice safer and more enjoyable. A yoga mat is extremely easy to set up to begin, and store once you are done.