Entrance mats come in many shapes and sizes, colors and patterns. A good doormat is indispensable to limit dirt and moisture that enters from the outside as much as possible. Both in your home and in your business premises.

Depending on the application for which you are going to use the mat, you can distinguish between dry-running mats and entrance mats.
The perfect combination is to use a walk-in mat outside and also to place a dry-walk mat inside your building. This way you get rid of the dirt outside while the indoor mat absorbs any remaining moisture. If you buy a larger size, you can easily remove your shoes on the mat and let them dry.

Dry-running mats therefore have an absorbent capacity, so that you are less bothered by dirt that you walk into your living room or office. Ultimately, this also protects the existing floor in the house.
Outdoor mats are usually water-permeable and have a coarse structure. This can be a rubber ringmat, but also a brush mat is worth to consider.
You can use a dry running mat outside, provided it is protected from water.