Set of Wood Deck Tiles Acacia – Stockholm

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Additional Information

Dimensions30 x 30cm per tile. 10 tiles in a box cover 0.9m2
Thickness (mm)12mm wood + 12mm plastic base
MaterialWood + plastic backing
MaintenanceWood floor oil
TreatmentSanded and oiled
ApplicationsIndoor & Outdoor
Quality100% Acacia wood (FSC)
Sales Unit10 Tiles in a box

Wood Deck Tiles – Stockholm


Meet the Wood Deck Tiles – Stockholm. Perfect for both inside rooms and open spaces, they offer both simplicity and style. So, let’s take a closer look. First off, each Stockholm tile is designed with 6 neat slats. But it’s not just about looks. These slats are crafted for durability and function.

Key Features

1. Safety on Top
Safety always comes first. So, whether you’re thinking of a spot near the pool or in your bathroom, these tiles ensure you don’t slip. They’re crafted to provide grip, so every step you take is secure. For a non-slip, water permeable, rubber variation of outdoor tiles, consider our Rubber Playground Tiles. Often used by the pool, you can view and explore the range by clicking here.

2. Mould is a No-Go
Next up, mould and decay can be a real headache. But with Stockholm tiles, you don’t need to worry. They’re designed to resist both, keeping your spaces looking fresh.

3. Keeping Bugs Away
Additionally, bugs can be such a bother. Inside your home or out on your patio, these tiles deter pests. That means fewer uninvited guests and more peace of mind for you.

4. Weather Ready
Rainy day or a sunny one, these tiles are up for it. Their waterproof nature ensures they handle the elements like a champ.

5. Installation’s a Breeze
Moreover, setting them up is super easy. With a friendly interlocking system, you can get your space decked out in no time. No need for any fancy tools or long hours.

6. So Versatile
Lastly, they’re real all-rounders. Think saunas, exhibition spaces, balconies, or even bathrooms. They fit right in, giving you loads of options with just one tile type.

In Conclusion

Wrapping things up, the Wood Deck Tiles – Stockholm promise to change the way you see your spaces. Simple yet effective, they offer a mix of safety, style, and durability. So, if you’re thinking about giving a fresh look to any space, indoors or out, Stockholm should be on your list.

Maintenance advice Use the wood floor oil to extend the life of the wooden tile and to maintain its natural appearance. 

For a complete outdoor transformation, combine with our artificial grass tiles. They utilize the same interlocking system, ensuring a seamless fit.



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