Cord Cover 1 channel Black – 1.6cm

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Additional Information

Length (m)9
Width (cm)7.6
Height (cm)1.6
QualityFlexible PVC
Channel size (cm)1.9 x 0.9
Weight (kg)7
Weight capacity (kg)200
Sales Unitroll

9-Meter PVC Cord Cover: Indoor Simplification and Security


Meet our Black Cord Cover 1 channel, the ultimate solution for indoor cord management needs. Specifically designed for indoor environments, this product is the antidote to your cord chaos. Let’s dive deep into its outstanding features.

Optimized Length

Firstly, with its generous 9-meter span, it effortlessly covers long stretches across rooms or hallways. Whether connecting devices on opposite ends of a living room or running across a conference room, this cover perfectly fits the bill. I need of shorter lengths? You can easily cut the length in shorter pieces.

Single Channel Mastery

Our cord cover features a streamlined single channel design. Ideal for that one pivotal cord or wire, it offers a safe and neat route, ensuring tangles and knots become tales of the past.

Flexible, Yet Resilient

Made from supple PVC, the cord cover marries flexibility with resilience. Navigate it around furniture corners or align it with wall edges without a hitch. Simultaneously, its robust nature ensures cords are safeguarded against potential indoor hazards.

Swift Setup

Additionally, its installation is a walk in the park. The flexibility and user-centric design mean you get to lay it out, fit your cord, and forget about it. Simplicity is the essence here.

Safety at Its Core

Prioritizing indoor safety, this floor cable cover ensures that trips over cords are history. Its anti-slip design ensures residents less risk of tripping hazards.

Indoor Exclusive

Specifically engineered for indoor use, this Black Cord Cover 1 channel optimizes safety and utility for in-house environments. While it thrives inside, it’s essential to note its design isn’t suited for outdoor challenges.

Eco-Considerate Design

Furthermore, our dedication to the planet shines through. Crafted from recyclable PVC, this cord cover not only organizes but also echoes our commitment to eco-responsibility.

In Conclusion

Our 9-Meter PVC Cord Cover, exclusively designed for indoor use, is more than just a functional accessory. It’s a fusion of safety, convenience, and eco-awareness. In a world where every cord deserves its rightful place, and each step should be secure, this product stands tall. Ready to find the perfect match for your floor cable trunking needs? Explore our comprehensive collection of cable protectors today.


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