Set of Artificial Grass Tiles 30 x 30cm

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Additional Information

Dimensions30 x 30cm per tile. 10 tiles in a box cover 0.9m2
Total pile height30mm + Plastic base thickness = 16mm ; total thickness 46mm
MaterialArtificial grass: PP + PE Backing: PP + SBR Frame: Plastic
Sales Unit10 x tiles per box

Set of Artificial Grass Tiles


Say farewell to the challenges of maintaining natural grass and dealing with muddy patches. Now, with the introduction of our Set of Artificial Grass Tiles, you can experience a whole new level of convenience. Not only do they offer the charm of a pristine green lawn without the associated hassles, but they also come in sets of 10, covering an impressive area of approximately 0.9m². Would you like to combine the tiles with wood? Click here to view our range of interlocking wood deck tiles.

Key Features

1. Comprehensive Set Within each package, you’ll find 10 fake grass tiles. Consequently, you can easily cover an area of around 0.9m², making it suitable for both compact and expansive spaces.

2. Versatile Application Not limited to just outdoor spaces, these tiles offer incredible versatility. For instance, they can transform any patio, balcony, or landscape. Furthermore, their impact indoors is undeniable. Especially in settings like exhibitions, events, and commercial spaces, they add a refreshing touch of nature.

3. Easy Assembly Installation is a breeze. Thanks to their unique interlocking design, each one fits perfectly with the next. As a result, you can look forward to a smooth setup without reaching for any tools.

4. Authentic Look and Feel Step on them and immediately, you’ll notice the realistic feel of natural grass. Being soft and pleasant underfoot, they serve as a comfortable zone for relaxation and fun.

5. Robust and Long-lasting Crafted from the finest materials, these interlocking grass tiles boast resilience against various weather conditions – be it rain, sun, or snow. Over time, you’ll appreciate the enduring green shade they maintain.

6. Minimum Maintenance Gone are the days of tedious lawn upkeep. With just an occasional brush or rinse, your tiles will continue to shine, affording you ample free time.

Care Instructions

To uphold the beauty of your interlocking artificial turf tiles, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Regularly brush to maintain the upright position of the blades.
  • Additionally, a simple rinse will wash away any accumulated debris.


In summary, our Set of Artificial Grass Tiles seamlessly merges the allure of nature with contemporary convenience. Be it a green corner in a lively city apartment, a unique exhibition setting, or a safe play zone in your backyard, these tiles cater to diverse needs. Dive into the realm of effortless greenery, sans the traditional hassles.

In addition to these artificial grass tiles, we also offer artificial grass on a roll. To be used specifically for landscaping, click here to view our Tuscany artificial grass.


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