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Black & Reflecting Yellow Floor Cord Cover: The Indoor Essential

A Quick Intro

Say hello to our 3 channels Floor Cord Cover! This isn’t just any cord cover—it stands out with its vibrant black and reflecting yellow combo. Specifically crafted for indoor spaces, it’s both practical and stylish. Curious about what makes it special? Let’s dive in.

A Splash of Colour

Instead of the usual plain shades, our cord cover proudly sports a two-tone theme. The core black is cool and discreet. But then, there’s a twist. A strip of reflecting yellow runs along, adding a pop and a dash of safety. So, not only does it manage cords and wires, but it also grabs attention—ensuring folks won’t trip over it.

Length Matters

With a stretchy 9 meters, it’s got length on its side. Big office? Winding hallway? No spot is too tricky for it. It’s got the reach to run wherever you need. And while it has the spirit of an adventurer, it’s strictly for indoor use—making sure it works best where you need it the most.

Flexible Yet Firm

Crafted from PVC, our cord cover strikes the perfect balance. It’s bendy, making it super easy to place. Yet, it doesn’t skimp on strength. It stands as a guard, ensuring your cords and wires are safe from any indoor wear and tear.

Installation? A Breeze!

One of its best bits? How easy it is to set up. Thanks to its flexibility, laying it out is straightforward. Just decide the path, pop in your cord, and let the cover do the rest. You can even cut it to your desirable size.

Visible Safety Boost

The reflecting yellow stripe packs a punch in safety. It’s bright and clear, helping people spot it easily. Less stumbling, more safety.

Eco-Friendly Touch

Lastly, we’re all about green choices. Our 3 channels cord cover isn’t just useful; it’s eco-friendly. Made of recyclable PVC, it’s a nod to our planet, promising a greener tomorrow.

To Sum It Up

Wrapping things up, our Black & Reflecting Yellow PVC Cord Protector is more than an indoor accessory. It’s a blend of style, safety, and eco-consciousness. Whether you’re keen on tidying up, jazzing up, or suiting up for safety, this cover’s got your back. Ready to find the perfect match for your floor cable trunking needs? Explore our comprehensive collection of cable protectors today.


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