Eva Foam Interlocking tiles Numbers 1-9

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Additional Information

Dimensions1 tile= 30x30cm, 9 tiles in a box will cover 0.80m2
Thickness (mm)10
QualityEVA Foam
Sales UnitNumber 1-9 (9 tiles)

Mats Unveiling EVA Number Play Mats

EVA Foam number play mats, shine as top choices in many learning and fun spaces. Let’s break this down: “EVA” means ethylene-vinyl acetate. But this is no ordinary material. It boasts flexibility, stands strong, and absorbs shock like a pro.

Craftsmanship by Rubber Online

Rubber Online doesn’t just design these tiles; they breathe life into them. These aren’t mere functional pieces; they’re a tribute to intuitive design. You can put them together quickly and effortlessly, offering a canvas to shape playful or instructive areas. And what grabs attention? The lively number patterns on each tile, lighting up kids’ introduction to the numeric world. If you are also interested in an EVA Foam Alphabet play mat, you can view our collection at EVA Foam Play Mats.

Sturdiness Meets Flexibility

These puzzle mats have a solid grip. Their interlocking nature ensures they fit perfectly, crafting a safe zone free from hazards. They’re not just limited to bustling preschools or day cares. Imagine transforming spaces at home into playful havens. These tiles make it possible and safe.

Highlighted Features Eva Foam Tiles Numbers 

  • Prioritizing Safety: Think of the foam as a protective layer. It cushions and safeguards, especially vital for our adventurous young ones.
  • Education at its Best: Vibrant number patterns invite children into a world of learning. Perfect tools for games that teach.
  • A Breeze to Maintain: Thanks to their water-resistant nature, a simple wipe-down keeps them shining.
  • Multipurpose: They find their place in schools, kinder gardens and playrooms.
  • On-the-Go Friendly: Assembling and disassembling becomes child’s play. Their design focuses on easy portability and storage.

Making the Right Choice

Considering buying? Dive into details of these EVA Foam number play mats. Look at the thickness, measure the size, and judge the quality. Remember, each EVA Foam Tiles Numbers set is comprehensive, bundling 9 unique tiles.

Broaden Your Horizons

Want a deeper look? Explore the myriad of options in our Eva Foam Tile Mats collection. From design variations to functional differences, there’s a lot to discover!


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