Flexible barrier post 75cm – Orange

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Additional Information

Height (cm)75
Diameter base (cm)20
Weight (kg)1.1
QualityPolyurethan (PU)

Strong and Sturdy

First off, let’s introduce our Orange Flexible Barrier Post. Standing at 75cm, this post is a powerhouse. It’s made from top-quality material, giving it strength and durability that’s hard to match.

Pitch-Black and Noticeable

Secondly, let’s talk colour. The post is orange – a classic, timeless choice. The bright orange  is not only elegant but also stands out in various settings. It commands attention and clearly marks boundaries by its 3 reflective stripes.

Bends but Never Breaks

Thirdly, this isn’t just any barrier post. It’s flexible as it is made of Polyurethan (PU). Despite its strength, the post can bend when pressure is applied. But it doesn’t break. It springs right back to its upright position. This flexibility makes it a safe choice for high-traffic areas.

Easy to Install

Now, let’s move on to installation. Setting up this barrier post is a breeze. No complicated tools or steps are needed. You can have it standing tall in just a few moments. And when you don’t need it, you can quickly take it down. For a fixed confirmation you can use the bolt fixing points at the bottom of the post.

Just the Right Size

At 75cm, this post is just the right size. It’s tall enough to be easily seen but not so tall that it gets in the way. Whether you’re using it to guide foot traffic or cordon off areas, it’s the perfect height.

Lightweight and Portable

Despite its durability, this orange flexible barrier post is surprisingly light. You can easily move it around to where you need it. It’s also compact enough to store away when not in use.

Versatile Use

Finally, let’s talk about where you can use it. Whether it’s an event, a construction site, or a parking lot, this post fits in. It’s a versatile solution for crowd control and area delineation. It is also possible to attach a plastic chain between these posts.

Reliable and Cost-Effective

In conclusion, our Orange Flexible Barrier Post is a reliable and cost-effective solution. It combines strength, flexibility, and simplicity in one package. Whether you’re managing a large event or need to control traffic in a busy area, this post is up to the task. Try it today and see the difference it makes.


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