PVC Threshold Ramp Straight – height 20mm

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Additional Information

Length (cm)20
Width (m)1
Height (cm) 2

Easily Navigate Thresholds with Our PVC Threshold Ramp

Are you tired of struggling with slopes at doorways? Whether you’re using a walker, hand truck, or wheelchair, our PVC threshold ramp is here to simplify your life. Measuring 1 meter in length, 2 cm in height, and 20 cm in width, it’s perfect for smooth threshold crossings.

Smooth Design for Safer Transitions

Our small threshold ramp boasts a clever design. Featuring a bevelled front, it allows you to approach it from the front for a safe and seamless transition over slopes. No more worries about tripping or getting stuck at doors. This practical feature makes it an excellent choice for individuals using walkers, hand trucks, and wheelchairs.

Versatile Accessibility Solution

What sets our PVC threshold ramp apart is its versatility. It simplifies daily life by providing easy access to homes and businesses. Furthermore, it can also serve as a portable, temporary solution for creating smoother transitions in various situations.

Sturdy and Lightweight Construction

Whether you’re contending with a small step at your front door or require wheelchair access in public places, our PVC threshold ramp has you covered. Additionally, its robust PVC construction guarantees durability for everyday use, all while remaining lightweight and easy to handle.

Easy Installation, Immediate Results

Setting up the ramp is pleasantly simple. There’s no need for complex tools or a lengthy setup process. Just place the ramp where you need it, and you’re good to go. Thanks to the bevelled front, you can confidently roll or walk onto the ramp, knowing you won’t encounter sudden bumps or jolts. Moreover, in case you will use it to enter a shower, make sure the floor surface stays dry, or add one of our PVC Anti-Slip Mats for wet areas.

Enhance Your Independence and Mobility

Our PVC threshold ramp is your reliable partner for ensuring accessibility and convenience in your daily life. Say goodbye to the challenges of threshold slopes and welcome a smoother, safer, and more accessible environment. Make transitions effortless and enjoy peace of mind with our PVC ramp. It’s your key to independence and improved mobility.


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