Rubber Bootprint Scraper Mat 52x39cm – 12mm

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Additional Information

Length (cm)52
Width (cm)39
Thickness (mm)12

Rubber Bootprint Scraper Mat: Step into Cleanliness


Welcome the rubber bootprint scraper mat into your space, where functionality meets simplicity. Sized at a convenient 52x39cm and boasting a thickness of 12mm, this mat offers an efficient solution for cleanliness that you’ve been seeking.

Designed for Effective Cleaning

The first step into a space can set the tone for the entire area. Our mat ensures that the first step is a clean one. Crafted for effectiveness, the unique ridges and grooves on the mat dive deep into the sole treads, capturing dirt, mud, and debris right at the door. So, no more dragging in the muck from outside.

Durable and Long-lasting

We believe in products that last. That’s why our Rubber Bootprint Scraper Mat, made from high-quality rubber, stands strong against wear and tear. Whether it’s faced with a sudden downpour or heavy footfall, this mat is built to endure. Furthermore, the 12mm thickness isn’t just a number; it’s a testament to its sturdiness and the cushioning it provides. In need of a larger rubber entrance mat? We have many more we have various outdoor mat options for you to choose from

Easy Maintenance, Hassle-Free Living

The beauty of our Rubber Bootprint Scraper Mat lies in its simplicity. When it’s time for cleaning, a gentle shake or a quick rinse is all it needs. There’s no need for any complicated cleaning rituals, making it perfect for busy households or commercial entrances.

Safety First

An entrance mat shouldn’t just clean; it should also provide safety. Thanks to the rubber’s natural non-slip properties, our mat stays firm on the ground, reducing the risk of accidental slips or trips, especially during wet seasons.

Perfect Fit for Any Space

Measuring 52x39cm, it’s compact enough to fit in tight spaces yet spacious enough to handle multiple footfalls. Whether it’s for your home’s front door or the entrance of a bustling office, our door mat seamlessly fits the bill.


In essence, the rubber bootprint scraper mat is a blend of practical design and simple maintenance. With its effective cleaning ridges and durable build, it promises not just cleaner floors but also peace of mind. Invest in cleanliness; invest in this mat.


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