Rubber Playground Tile
50 x 50 cm – Black

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Additional Information

Dimensions (cm)50 x 50
Thickness (mm)25
Application Indoor & Outdoor
Weight (kg)4.3
QualityGranulated recycled rubber

Black Rubber Playground Tile

Welcome to a world of fun, safe play with our top-quality Black Rubber Playground Tiles. These sturdy, water-draining tiles combine safety, looks, and function, turning any playground into a lively spot for kids.


Each of our rubber playground tiles is made from strong, long-lasting recycled rubber that can take a lot of use. They stand up to all the jumping and running that happens on a busy playground. In any weather, these tiles keep their shape and bright colours, making them a smart, long-term choice for your playground surface, pool area, and even gym.


Safety is always important in a playground. Our 25 mm thick tiles have an international critical fall height of 0.80 meters. Therefore they help keep kids safe with excellent shock absorption that lessens the impact of falls. This feature lets kids play freely, while adults can relax knowing the playground surface is designed with safety in mind.

Water permeable

Our Rubber Playground Tiles are water-draining, a key feature that makes sure water runs off and through quickly when it rains or snows. This stops puddles from forming, keeping the playground safe and ready for play even after wet weather. It also makes cleaning easier, as water washes away dirt and leaves. The bottom of these Rubber Playground Tiles – Black are blocked to improve draining the water.


Installing our tiles is simple! We advise to use them on a flat surface. The tiles fit together perfectly, making a smooth, level surface across the whole playground. No special skills are needed; you can create a great-looking playground with little effort by cutting them in your desirable size. Note these tiles are for INDOOR and OUTDOOR use!


Looks matter too in making playtime more fun. That’s why our Rubber Playground Tiles – Black also comes in Red and Green. Mix and match to create fun patterns that make your playground a colourful, inviting space.


Being green is important to us. Our playground tiles are made from recycled rubber, showing our commitment to protecting the environment. When you choose our tiles, you’re not only providing a safe and fun play area but also helping the planet.

Our Rubber Playground Tiles are also easy to take care of. They are weather-resistant and don’t get mouldy, making sure the playground stays clean and keeps looking good for years.

Choosing our Rubber Playground Tiles means choosing safety, durability, looks, and eco-friendliness. Take the first step today and turn your playground into a safe, fun-filled, and inspiring place for kids and yourself!

To meet different playground sizes and needs, we offer our tiles in various sizes. Whether you’re redoing a corner of your backyard, balcony, or a large public playground, we have the right size for you!


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