Ultra-Floor Sports Flooring Black/Grey speckled – 6mm

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Ultra-Floor Sport Flooring: Black/Grey-6mm

Unbeatable Strength and Style

Step into the world of elite flooring with Ultra-Floor Sport Flooring, a black and grey foam mat. More than just a floor, it’s an emblem of class. Expertly crafted for the active and ambitious, its captivating black/grey shade exudes sophistication, making any space instantly iconic.

Top-Quality Composition

Crafted with precision, Ultra-Floor is made of high-quality recycled rubber. It boasts a fine grain structure infused with coloured EPDM granulate, making it both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. This fusion of recycled rubber and EPDM granulate ensures durability while adding a touch of vibrancy to the floor.

Versatility at Its Best

Whether it’s a dynamic fitness studio, an energetic aerobics area, or even a precise shooting range, this floor is the perfect fit. Its 6mm thickness provides a firm yet comfortable foundation. Ultra-Floor also combines anti-fatigue and ergonomic comfort properties with very low maintenance. And let’s not forget exhibition areas, sale spots, or tranquil mountain retreats. The foam mat effortlessly enhances any venue.

Safety, Comfort, and Maintenance Combined

Safety first, always. With its anti-slip and water-repellent features, the flooring ensures every move is secure, minimizing potential mishaps. Its cushioned design assures comfort, and the virtually seamless structure gifts a sleek, uninterrupted appearance. What’s more? Maintenance is a breeze. Being water-repellent ensures easy cleaning, keeping it fresh and ready for action.

For Best Results, Glue It Down

While the flooring is steadfast on its own, for optimal stability and enduring perfection, we recommend gluing it down. This simple step ensures both durability and a consistently smooth experience. Interested in a modular rubber sports flooring solution? Explore our range of top-quality, easy-to-assemble sports foam mat options.

Ultra-Floor Sport Flooring Black & Grey is a journey into unparalleled quality and design. It’s not just about aesthetics or durability—it’s a testament to modern flooring technology. With a fine balance of strength, beauty, safety, and environmental consciousness, it sets the gold standard. For those who demand the best, this floor awaits. Dive into excellence and redefine your space.


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