Anti-slip tape 18.3m x 5cm – Grey

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Grey Anti-Slip Tape: Secure Every Step

Dimensional Precision for Safety

When considering safety, every millimeter counts. Our Grey Non-Slip Tape is meticulously crafted at a width of 5 cm, striking the right coverage. It’s not merely about covering a surface; it’s about providing a reliable safety layer for your stairs or ramps.

Versatility Across Spaces

The adaptability of this tape is its standout feature. From bustling industrial warehouses with high foot traffic to the tranquil corridor stairs of a family home. While its design favours dry indoor environments, its robust construction ensures it remains effective across a variety of environments. Smooth surfaces, which often pose a risk, are rendered secure and slip-resistant with this tape. Often used on; Ladders – stairs – Marble and tile floors – Ramps – And loading platforms.

Designing with Safety in Mind

Heightening the safety aspect further is the tape’s low profile. The beauty of this feature lies in its dual purpose: it subtly blends into its surroundings while reducing potential trip hazards. Every footfall, whether light or heavy, is met with a firm grip, reinforcing confidence with every step taken.

User-Friendly Application

Application is where many safety solutions can falter, but not this one. The pressure-sensitive adhesive integrated into our tape ensures the application process is as seamless as its grip. No professional help, no elaborate tools. Just clean and dry the surface, align, press, and the job is done.

Commitment to Longevity

A safety solution is only as good as its durability. Our grey anti-slip tape is a testament to endurance. Once fixed onto a clean, dry surface, it resists common wear and tear challenges like wrinkling, curling, and peeling. This resilience ensures that your one-time application serves as a long-standing guard against slips and falls.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, our grey anti-slip tape/stair tape are more than just a protective layer. It’s a fusion of thoughtful design, adaptability, and enduring commitment to safety. In the vast realm of safety products, it stands out, not by being conspicuous, but by discreetly ensuring every step you take is secure and confident. Safety is an investment, and with our Grey Anti-Slip Tape, you’re investing in the best.

For those who understand that safety isn’t a checkbox but a commitment, our comprehensive collection of safety products awaits. Dive in, explore, and make every step a safe one. Safety isn’t just our promise; it’s our legacy.


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