Speed Hump End – 25cm black / yellow

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SKU21500551B | 21500551Y
Length (cm)25
Width (cm)35
Qualitydurable recycled tire rubber with yellow EPDM coating

Black & Yellow Rubber Speed Hump: Simple Safety Solutions

Standout Design

Starting with visuals, our speed bump is undeniably eye-catching. The bold interplay of black and bright yellow, fortified by EPDM, stands out distinctly. But this isn’t just about looking good. It’s about ensuring visibility, making certain both drivers and pedestrians spot them easily, enhancing road safety.

Biker’s Delight

Delving into cyclist-friendly features, our design shines. While vehicular traffic experiences the intended slowdown, bicycles find it easy to roll over. This thoughtful balance guarantees safety without obstructing smooth transit.

Hassle-free Installation

Transitioning to practicality, these road speed humps are user-friendly. Their modular design ensures a snug fit, be it on a tiny lane or a vast roadway. Easy installation combined with adaptability ensures that securing any space is a breeze.

Glowing in the Dark

Moreover, safety doesn’t end with daylight. Our humps come equipped with glass elements. (No glass elements are incorporated in these end speed bumps)

These additions guarantee visibility even in low light, minimizing potential road mishaps during night-time or cloudy days.

Weather? Not a Worry!

Durability is paramount. Crafted to combat elements, these speed bumps brave it all – from sun to rain. Their resistance to UV rays, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures ensures they stay robust through seasons.

One Size Fits All

Speaking of adaptability, these humps fit everywhere. Their modular nature means they adjust to any road size, ensuring consistent safety from alleyways to highways.

Enhanced Features: End Pieces

These rubber end parts of speed bumps can seamlessly integrate with our middle part elements.. Whether you opt for black or yellow, this addition ensures a smoother transition, enhancing the overall functionality.

Rain-Ready Design

Lastly, with rain comes puddles. Our humps and bumps, however, come prepared. Incorporated grooves facilitate swift water drainage, ensuring the surface remains slip-resistant even post showers.

In Conclusion

Our rubber speed humps represent  unparalleled safety. They serve as a testament to our commitment to ensuring every road user, be it a motorist, pedestrian, or cyclist, navigates with ease and security. Investing in these humps is investing in a safer tomorrow.

For those who understand that safety isn’t a checkbox but a commitment, our comprehensive collection of safety products awaits. Dive in, explore, and make every step a safe one.


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