Anti-slip tape Strip – Black

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Length (cm)61
Width (cm)15

Unparalleled Visibility

Initially, when you think of safety in hazardous environments, visibility comes to mind. The Black Anti-Slip Strip isn’t just a regular tape. This self-adhesive strip is engineered primarily to prevent accidents in zones prone to slips and falls on ramps or stairs.

Ease of Application & Removal

As we transition to its features, the ease of use becomes evident. The tape’s non-peel finish is a standout trait. It ensures that when applied, it sticks firmly, resonating with reliability. And when the situation demands removal? It’s as easy as its application, leaving no remnants behind. A hassle-free experience is what this tape promises.

Precision in Design

It’s not just a dimension; it’s a strategic choice. From perilous dismounts to the abrupt ends of loading platforms, this anti-slip strip serves as a vigilant reminder.

Versatility Across Environments

Moving on, the black anti-slip tape strip adaptability comes into play. Whether you’re in dynamic industrial ramps and stairs or the familiar corners of your home, this tape finds its place. Furthermore, its tailored performance in dry environments ensures that the grip and visibility are always at their peak.

While its design favours dry indoor environments, its robust construction ensures it remains effective across a variety of settings. Smooth surfaces, which often pose a risk, are rendered secure and slip-resistant with this tape. Often used on; Ladders – Marble and tile floors – Ramps – Loading platforms

Endurance & Functionality Hand in Hand

Lastly, and most importantly, comes its longevity. The anti-slip tape is not just about immediate safety; it’s about sustaining that safety. Its low-profile design wards off tripping hazards, and its adhesive properties, sensitive to pressure, ensure a snug fit on any clean surface. The result? No unsightly bulges, no premature peeling, and certainly no compromise on safety.

For those who understand that safety isn’t a checkbox but a commitment, our comprehensive collection of safety products awaits. Dive in, explore, and make every step a safe one. Safety isn’t just our promise; it’s our legacy.


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