Cable Protector 2 channel

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Additional Information

Length (cm) 90
Width (cm) 25
Height (cm) 4.5
Materialrubber base & PVC lid
Channel Size (mm)32x22
Weight capacity (kg) 3.1 ton

2 Channel heavy-duty cable protectors

These 2 channel black/yellow cable protectors are made of strong material. A black solid rubber base with a yellow PVC lid. We’re talking heavy-duty cable protectors that won’t let you down. Whether you’re at a bustling outdoor event a busy office or warehouse, they stand strong. They handle the demands of both indoor and outdoor environments with unmatched resilience.

Designed for Simplicity
Two channels mean double the organization. Each channel can house cables or hoses up to a diameter of 22mm. That’s ample space for most cables you’ll encounter. And while we’re on the topic of design, let’s talk about those assembly holes. They’re there to make setup straightforward. Though we’ve excluded bolts for flexibility, these holes ensure a snug fit and a stable setup.

Easy Interlinking with Click System
Thanks to the innovative click system, you can connect multiple heavy duty cable ramps effortlessly. So, whether you’re covering a small area or a large venue, these  cable protectors scale to meet your needs. Just click and go. In addition to the straight pieces, consider pairing with our cable protector right corner and the cable protector left corner. Both corners complement the straight segments seamlessly, ensuring full coverage and protection in every direction, be it a left or right turn.

Flexible Use Across Settings
Furthermore, versatility is key. Indoors or outdoors, these cable protection covers rise to the occasion. They not only organize and protect your cables but also enhance safety. No more tripping hazards or exposed wires. Everything stays in place, neat, and safe.

Additional Features
Beyond the basics, there’s more to love. Adding new cables later? Easy. Adjusting the setup? Just as simple. These cable pedestrian cable ramps are designed with the future in mind. They’re adaptable, so as your needs change, they’re right there with you.

Wrap Up
In conclusion, our 2 channel black/yellow cable protector is an investment in safety and organization. Built sturdy, designed for ease, and flexible for various settings. Give it a try and witness the transformation from cluttered cables to tidy spaces. It’s time to click, protect, and perfect your environment!


– For both indoor and outdoor use – Parking lots – Work locations – Construction sites – Industrial locations – Festivals/events – 

Our full range of floor cable covers offers many variations to cater to diverse needs and setups.



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