Entrance Mat on Roll – 2m x 10meters

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SKU31209019 - 10
Length (m)10
Width (m)2
Thickness (mm)6
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Step into Cleanliness

Kicking off, we’re eager to introduce our Entrance Floor rug on Roll. Going beyond the ordinary, this mat emerges as a practical solution for crowded areas. Its key role? To trap dirt and dust.

Masterfully Crafted for Cleanliness

Diving deeper into the design, next, you’ll notice our mat’s unique surface texture. Designed for effectiveness, this texture captures and secures dust and dirt instantly. The moment you step on it, it gets to work. Its surface fibres efficiently brush off the dirt from shoes, keeping your indoor areas spotless.

A Symbol of Durability and Dependability

Advancing to durability, this dry-running entrance mat on a roll shines. Constructed from top-quality materials, it showcases impressive endurance. Despite the constant foot traffic, day in and day out, this mat holds its ground. It stays effective and visually appealing over time.

The Perfect Fit for Any Entrance

Moving onto size, our Entrance Floor rug on Roll presents flexibility. Available in a roll, you can tailor its size to your specific needs. It’s expansive enough to cover your entrance and compact enough to prevent tripping. More interested in a similar mat but smaller dimensions you should visit; https://rubberonline.co.za/product-category/rubber-mats/indoor-entrance-mats/

Ease of Cleaning

Now, let’s highlight maintenance. Cleaning our Entrance Floor rug on Roll is straightforward. A quick vacuum or shake is all it takes to keep it fresh, ready to face another busy day of dirt trapping.

Boosting Safety

Focusing on safety, our mat steps up. Its anti-slip base ensures a firm grip on the floor, reducing the risk of slips or trips. This thoughtful feature makes it an even safer choice for any entrance.

Versatility At Its Best

Finally, our Entrance Floor rug on Roll demonstrates versatility. Whether it’s a busy office entrance, a bustling store, or a cosy home, this mat fits right in. It’s a one-size-fits-all solution designed to enhance cleanliness and safety in any environment.

A Wise Investment

To sum up, investing in our Entrance Floor rug on Roll is a smart move. It combines effective dirt capturing, durability, safety, and simplicity, all with the aim of easing your floor maintenance. With easy cleaning and customizable sizing, it’s a beneficial addition to any entrance. Experience its benefits yourself by giving it a try today.


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