EVA Foam 12mm thickness – Pink

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Additional Information

Dimensions1 tile = 60x60cm. 1 set (4 tiles) = 1.45m2
Thickness (mm)12
QualityEVA Foam
Sales Unit1 set = 4 tiles incl. 8 pieces of edging

EVA Foam Pink-12mm Tiles: Brighten Your Floor with Comfort and Style

Dive into a world where vibrancy meets versatility with our EVA Foam Pink-12mm tiles. At a comfortable 12mm thickness, these tiles don’t just protect; they also enliven any space.

Pop of Colour for Endless Fun

These tiles aren’t your regular flooring. Boasting a bright pink hue, they transform any space into an energizing arena. Whether it’s a child’s play area, kindergarten classroom, or even a dedicated spot for yoga and Pilates, these tiles set the mood. As they invite joy, creativity, and focus.

Function Beyond Form

Looks are just one side of the story. As they are crafted meticulously, these tiles bring an array of benefits:

  • Safety: With their shock-absorbing properties, minor falls or tumbles become less worrisome.
  • Insulation: Cold floors? Not anymore. Our EVA tiles act as a barrier, ensuring the chill from the floor doesn’t seep through. The result? Warmer, cozier rooms throughout the seasons.
  • Easy Assembly: Thanks to their interlocking design, setting up these interlocking foam tiles feels like piecing together a simple puzzle. And with the included edging, you get a polished look every time.

Versatile and Adaptable

Their bright colour might shout playfulness, but their utility is broad. As their adaptability is evident, from playrooms to fitness corners. Plus, the cushioned feel underfoot makes them ideal for exercises or relaxation sessions.

Why EVA Foam Pink Tiles?

Choosing these interlocking foam tiles is both a nod to style and a smart choice for safety and sensibility. Their bright look naturally lifts spirits, and at the same time, their thickness brings comfort. On top of that, their useful features make them handy for many places.

Final Thoughts

In the realm of flooring, our EVA Foam Pink Tiles stand out. They aren’t just about covering a space; they’re about enhancing it. Embrace a blend of beauty, safety, and functionality. Step into a brighter, safer, and more comfortable world with our tiles.

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