Hose Clamps

From R50.00R80.00

Additional Information

sizes ranging (mm)Ø 8 to Ø 205
Width (mm)9 | 12
Temperature Range-25C till +500C
QualityStainless steel

Secure Connections for Every Need

Rubber Online’s hose clamps are crafted for durability and weather resistance, ensuring a secure connection in various conditions. Whether it’s silicone, rubber, or PVC components, these heavy duty hose clamps provide the reliability you need.

Wide Range of Sizes

Choose from our extensive collection of stainless steel clamps, available in sizes ranging from Ø 8 mm to Ø 205 mm. Whatever your project, we have the right size to meet your requirements.

Pro Tips for Optimal Performance

Enhanced Stability

For larger diameters or applications with high working pressure, maximize stability by using 2 hose clamps at each end (4 in total). This simple step ensures a robust and secure connection, giving you peace of mind for your projects.

Upgrade your hose connections! your go-to solution for reliability and versatility.

Rubber Online offers an extensive range of silicone hoses and accessories. Explore our collection at Rubber Online Silicone Hoses and revolutionize your hose technology!





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