Silicone Hose 90° elbow 51mm+

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Leg Length (mm) 150
Inner size diameter (mm) Options from 6.5mm to 114mm
Number of inserts min. 3 inserts (larger diameters have 4 inserts)
Material VMQ Silicone
Temperature range -60°C till +180°C
Hardness 65 - 75° Shore A
Wall thickness (mm) depending on inner size diameter 5 to 5.5
Tensile strength Min 6.0 MPa (N/mm2)
Burst pressure (kg/cm2) depending on inner size diameter 9.5 down to 3.5
Working pressure (kg/cm2) depending on inner size diameter 3.2 down to 1.2
Colour blue

Discover the Silicone Advantage

Blue Silicone Hose Elbows  are ushering in a new era of reliability and high performance. Their impressive resistance to temperature extremes and durability make them a standout choice for applications ranging from automotive and car tuning to motorsport, marine, and industrial engines. These industrial hoses are the embodiment of versatility, ensuring that various industries can benefit from their outstanding features.

This 90-degree  bend in a distinctive blue colour serves the purpose of linking hoses of different diameters at varying angles. These bends exhibit a remarkable tolerance for temperatures up to 180°C, and their embedded reinforcing layers confer them with the ability to withstand pressure. They find common application in radiator and coolant systems, turbo engines and machine construction due to their reduced design.

Upgrade your systems with Blue Silicone Hose Elbows and experience the difference for yourself. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional rubber hoses and embrace the future of performance and reliability in hose technology.


Inner diameter sizes;

  • 6.5mm up to 114 mm

The 3 to 4 ply reinforcement in the material makes it possible to use the hose for applications where pressure plays a role.

Our silicone hoses are:

  • Chemical resistant
  • Heat resistance
  • Odourless
  • Good electrical insulating
  • Aging and moisture resistant
  • Contain no harmful substances
  • Weather-resistant properties
  • 3 ply to 4 ply reinforced inner layers

A silicone hose is used, among other things, for boosting (turbo) engines, air treatment or cooling and heating systems.

Rubber Online sells a wide variety of silicone hoses and accessories. Visit Rubber Online Silicone Hoses to discover our range!


Do you want to shorten a hose? Our silicone hoses are easy to cut to any desired length. For the most beautiful and best result, place a hose clamp exactly at the location of the cutting line to be applied. Take a sharp knife, such as a box cutter, and use the clamp as a guide when cutting.


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