Rubber Anti-vibration Mat 46x46cm – 17mm

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Additional Information

Length (cm)46
Width (cm)46
Thickness (mm)17

Anti Vibration Mat: Simple Stability for Your Space

Welcome to the world of effortless stability with our Rubber Anti-vibration Mat. This simple solution is designed to minimize noise and prevent unwanted shakes, making your spaces more peaceful.

Key Benefits

What makes our mounting pad stand out? It’s equipped with special technology that reduces vibrations. If you have big household items like washing machines or dryers that shake a lot, our mat is perfect for you. With less noise and movement, your home can be the quiet haven you’ve always wanted.

Options for Every Need

We understand that different folks have different needs. That’s why, apart from our standard shock-absorbing mat, we offer a slimmer 10mm version. This thinner option is great for audio setups where you want to keep sounds pure and vibrations minimal. Curious about it? Dive deeper and see our collection of work mats.

Versatile Use

Our shock-absorbing mat isn’t just a one-trick pony. Whether it’s for hefty machines, music systems, or other electronic gadgets, our mat is up for the job. The goal is simple: wherever you have noise or shaking, place our mat there for an immediate fix.

Built to Last

We’ve made our machine vibration pad with materials that are meant to stick around. Not only is it strong, but it also has a special surface that stops slipping. So, when you place something on it, rest assured it stays put.

Friendly to Our Earth

In today’s age, we all want to make choices that are good for our planet. Our mat checks that box too. Made with eco-friendly materials, it’s a small step towards a greener world.

Set Up in Seconds

We love things that are easy, don’t you? With our machine vibration pad, there’s no long setup or instructions. Just find a spot, lay it down, and let it do its thing.


To wrap things up, our Rubber Anti-vibration Mat is more than just a piece of rubber. It’s a simple, effective solution for a more stable and quiet space. Whether you’re a homeowner wanting peace or a business seeking stability for your equipment, this mat is the answer.


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