Rubber Modular Mat Closed – Diamond

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Additional Information

Length (cm)90
Width (cm)90
Thickness (mm)14
Hardness55° Shore A ± 5°
Working Temperature-30°C / +70°C
Sales Unitper tile

The purpose of a modular rubber mat is very diverse.

Workplace Mat:

At Rubber Online you can choose between the open and closed mats. To create a floor to your desired size you can use these switch mats. They have a damping effect and serve as an anti-fatigue mat. These rubber switching mats have a closed design and are suitable behind counters and machines. They reduce pain and fatigue in the legs. In case you would like to use them in a damp area like a restaurant kitchen you should choose the open modular mat. It entails less risk of slipping because water will not remain on the surface.

These mats can be extended if necessary with sloping edges. They reduce the risk of tripping and visually give your floor a finishing touch!

Gym Mat:

Rubber Modular Mats are available in different versions. At Rubber Online you can choose between a smooth and a diamond mat version. To create a floor to your desired size you can use these interlocking mats. You can apply the modular mats for a home gym. These mats are comfortably soft and therefore suitable for sports such as yoga, pilates, and all other floor exercises. The material is easy to clean with lukewarm and soapy water. Do not place heavy equipment or weights on this floor! If you are looking for a foundation that can withstand heavy weight, take a look at our rubber gym tiles.

Slanted edges can complete these floors. They prevent tripping and give your gym floor a beautiful appearance and finishing touch. With these sloping edges for modular mat closed for these closed modular mats, we are able to provide exactly that for the best ramp installation.


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