Rubber Corner Protector 80cm x 10cm

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Additional Information

Length (cm)80
Width (cm)10
Thickness (cm)1.2
ColourBlack / Reflecting Yellow
Weight (kg)2.2

Solid Rubber Corner Protection: The Heavy-Duty Guardian


Unveiling our Solid Rubber Corner Protector, the ultimate shield for those critical corners in high-impact areas. Built for demanding environments like fleets, warehouses, garages, ports, and other loading zones, it promises unparalleled protection. Let’s delve into its standout features.

Built for Toughness

Crafted from robust rubber, this corner protector is no ordinary wall guard. Designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of heavy-duty applications, it ensures that your walls remain unscathed, even in the busiest of environments.

High Visibility, Day and Night

Next, let’s spotlight its design. Embellished with yellow reflective stripes, this rubber corner protector is not just durable but also highly visible. Whether it’s broad daylight, dusk, or night-time, its stripes gleam, ensuring it’s always noticeable, reducing the chances of accidental bumps or collisions.

Versatility at Its Core

Often referred to as a corner profile, its utility isn’t confined to just one function. Whether it’s a bustling warehouse, a busy garage, or a hectic port, this protector seamlessly fits in, offering its guarding services universally.

Hassle-Free Installation

But there’s more. Worried about the installation process? Fret not. Our parking rubber corner guards comes with pre-drilled holes, making the attachment process smooth and straightforward. No guesswork, no extra effort—just align, secure, and you’re all set.

Safety Above All

While its primary role is protection, safety remains at the forefront of its design. The yellow reflective stripes not only add aesthetic appeal but also play a crucial role in ensuring the profile remains conspicuous in all conditions. This means enhanced safety, minimized accidents, and peace of mind for you.

In Summary

In essence, our Solid Rubber Corner Protection is more than just a wall guard—it’s an investment in safety and durability. With its robust build, high visibility, and easy installation, it’s the trusted partner every high-impact space needs. So, why leave those critical corners exposed to potential harm? Elevate your safety game and protect them with the best in the business.

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