Rubber Wall Protector 80cm x 22cm

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Additional Information

Length (cm)80
Width (cm)22
Thickness (cm)1
Hardness70° Shore A ± 5°
ColourBlack / Reflecting Yellow
Weight (kg)2.75

Flat Wall Protector: Industrial Safety First

Meet the Protector

Effective Flat Wall Protector! It’s all black, but with bold yellow stripes. Simple yet so effective. It’s not just any wall guard; it’s built especially for busy spots. Want the details? Let’s dive in!

Made for Busy Spots

Warehouses, garages, docks, and more—places where there’s always something happening. Our protector fits right into these lively spots. It stands firm, making sure walls don’t get dings or scratches.

Flexible and Reliable

Some might say it’s just a bumper profile. We think it’s much more. Moving trucks or big machines around? This guard makes sure they don’t bump into walls. It stands like a silent hero, ensuring smooth operations.

Bright and Visible

Safety is our top goal. The yellow stripes do a big job here. Day or night, they shine brightly. Everyone can see the protector, making work areas safer and reducing bumps.

Easy to Put Up

Got a spot in mind? Great! Our protector guard for walls is super easy to set up. It has six holes ready for use. All you do is pick your spot, put it up, and you’re good to go.

Why It Matters

In industrial spots, there’s always movement. Trucks, machines, forklifts—you name it. Walls often get the brunt of this action. This wall protector helps prevent that. In your home garage you also want to protect your walls and your vehicle door.  It’s like a shield, keeping cars and walls safe from any hits or bumps.

The Final Word

To wrap it up, if you’ve got a busy industrial spot, you need our Flat Wall Protector. It’s sturdy, stands out with its bright stripes, and is super easy to use. It’s the best friend your walls need, making sure they stay clean and safe. In a bustling workspace, this protector becomes an essential tool, just as many of our Safety Products are a must for working areas and parking’s.


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