Rubber Disinfectant Sanitizing Mat 70x50cm – 23mm

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Additional Information

Length (cm)70
Width (cm)50
Thickness (mm)23
Hardness80 Shore A

Rubber Disinfectant Sanitizing Mat; Cleanliness at Every Step


Step into a safer space with our Disinfectant Sanitizing Mat. This mat, sized at a practical 70x50cm, acts as a guardian, sanitizing every foot that treads on it.

Unparalleled Sanitation

Since Covid 19, our world demands heightened cleanliness standards, and this footbath mat delivers just that. Every shoe that steps on it receives a thorough clean because we designed it to hold disinfectant solutions. Just pour your chosen disinfecting solution, about 1.75 litres, into the mat and let it work its magic.

Crafted Durability

Quality is at the heart of our disinfectant shoe mat. Top-grade rubber constructs this mat, allowing it to handle many steps and guarantee consistent sanitization every time. The mat’s impressive 23mm thickness signifies durability and ensures it can hold enough disinfectant to do the job.

Simple Upkeep, Maximum Effect

Keeping the disinfectant booth mat in tip-top shape is a breeze. When the disinfectant needs a refresh, simply pour it out, rinse the mat, and refill. This simple routine ensures you always have an effective sanitization station ready to go.

Safety First and Always
Beyond sanitization, safety is a key feature of our Disinfectant Sanitizing Mat. The rubber offers a non-slip surface, so even when wet with disinfectant, it minimizes the risk of slips and falls.

Ideal for Any Entry Point
With its dimensions of 70x50cm, this mat fits snugly at any entrance, be it a home, office, or shop. It’s a clear message to visitors that you prioritize their health and safety.

To wrap it all up, our Rubber Disinfectant Sanitizing Mat is an essential tool in these changing times. Offering robust sanitation capabilities combined with durability and safety, it stands as a frontline defender against dirt and germs. When it comes to ensuring a clean and safe environment, make our mat your first step.

Made of top-grade rubber, it’s built to endure countless footfalls, ensuring consistent sanitization every time. The impressive 23mm thickness not only signifies durability but also ensures the disinfectant shoe mat holds enough disinfectant to get the job done.


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