Silicone Reducer 30 to 50mm

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Length (mm)127
Inner size diameter (mm) Options from 16mm to 114mm
Number of inserts min. 3 inserts (larger diameters have 4 inserts)
Material VMQ Silicone
Temperature -60°C till +180°C
Hardness65 - 75° Shore A
Wall thickness (mm) depending on inner size diameter 4.5
Tensile strength Min 6.0 MPa (N/mm2)
Burst pressure (kg/cm2) depending on inner size diameter 12.5 down to 9.5
Working pressure (kg/cm2) depending on inner size diameter 4.2 down to 3.2
Colour blue

Introducing the Silicone Advantage

Blue Silicone Hose Reducers are ushering in a new era of reliability and high performance. Due to their impressive resistance to temperature extremes and durability, these hoses emerge as a standout choice for applications ranging from automotive and car tuning to motorsport, marine, and industrial engines. As symbols of versatility, these industrial hoses consequently enable various industries to benefit from their outstanding features.

In a outstanding blue colour, these Blue Silicone Hose Reducers seamlessly connect hoses of varying diameters. Withstanding temperatures up to 180°C and equipped with reinforced 3 to 4 ply polyester layers for pressure resistance. Their streamlined design makes these reducers commonly utilized in radiator systems, coolant systems, turbo engines, and machine construction.

Elevate your systems with blue straight silicone hose reducers and bid farewell to the limitations of conventional rubber hoses. Embrace a future of enhanced performance and reliability in tube technology.


Key Features

  • Inner diameter sizes ranging from 16 mm to 114mm
  • 3 to 4 ply reinforcement for pressure-sensitive applications

Our hoses are:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Odourless
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Aging and moisture resistance
  • No harmful substances
  • Weather-resistant properties
  • 3 to 4 ply reinforced inner layers

Rubber Online offers an extensive range of silicone hoses and accessories. Explore our collection at Rubber Online Silicone Hoses and revolutionize your hose technology!


  • Need to shorten a hose? Our silicone hoses are easily customizable to any length. For optimal results, place a hose clamp precisely at the cutting line and use a sharp knife, like a box cutter, guided by the clamp, for a clean and precise cut.
  • The weatherproof hose clamps of Rubber Online are ideal for connecting hoses and components made of silicone, rubber, or PVC. We sell stainless steel hose clamps in a wide range of different sizes from Ø 8 mm to Ø 205 mm. In case of large diameters or high working pressure use 2 hose clamps at each end (4 in total) to ensure proper connection



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