Snake Cable Protector 1 channel – 1m x 8cm

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Additional Information

Length (m)1
Width (cm)8
Height (mm)15
Channel Size (mm)10x15
Weight (kg)0.75

Flexible Snake Cable Protector: The Twisty Guardian

A Bright Introduction

Meet our Flexible Snake Cable Protector! Snazzy black and yellow combo, this isn’t your everyday cable protector. Why? Because it doesn’t just lie there—it twists and turns. Excited to learn more? Let’s dive in!

Twist and Turn

Right off the bat, the real charm is in its movement. This snake protector isn’t rigid. Instead, it artfully articulates left and right. Need to loop around a corner or curve around furniture? No worries. It follows your lead, ensuring your cables are shielded no matter the path.

Bold and Bright

Now, about its look. Our protector rocks a two-toned design—classic black paired with vibrant yellow. This means it’s not just functional but also super visible. The bright yellow ensures it stands out, making sure people see it and avoid trips or tangles.

Flexible Friend

Made from sturdy, yet flexible material, this cord protector is a true friend to your cables. It hugs them tight, keeps them safe, and bends just the way you want. So, whether it’s a straight path or a twisty route, it’s got you covered.

Easy Setup

And the best part? Getting the Snake cable protector in place is a breeze. Its flexible nature means you simply lay it out, tuck your cables in, and let the protector work its magic. No fuss, no long manuals—just quick and easy protection.

Safety First

While it’s busy looking good and being flexible, it never forgets its main job: safety. The combination of its twisty design and bright color ensures it’s always visible. Plus, with its snug fit, cables stay protected and out of the way, reducing trip hazards.

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