EVA Foam: Great for Kids (and Knees!)

What is EVA Foam?

Are you looking for a comfortable flooring option? A soft surface for your kids to play on? Or a cushioning floor that provides a durable space for light fitness activities? EVA Foam tiles make a perfect product solution suitable for these needs. They are made of soft, shock-absorbent materials that make them a good choice for a variety of applications where a comfy, yet firm floor is needed. The material is firm enough to allow lighter activities and equipment to be used on it.

Rubber Online has two thickness options for these tiles: 12mm and 25mm. The 12mm thick EVA Foam tiles are an ideal flooring option for private homes or play areas and can even be used during camping trips to provide a cosy and snug tent floor. The 25mm thick EVA Foam tiles can be used to set up an area for light fitness applications, such as aerobics, gymnastics, and yoga. When used during training, these tiles also dampen sound and vibrations.

What are the benefits of EVA Foam as a flooring option?

They are extremely easy to maintain and clean using soap and water. The tiles are quick and easy to install as they have an interlocking design that allows you to cover a large area efficiently. The interlocking design consists of puzzle edges which makes it easy to connect these tiles together, whether it is a different print or not. Besides being child friendly, these tiles are durable and provide heat retention which aids in making the surface as comfortable as possible. EVA Foam is shockproof and water resistant. When used during play or fitness, these tiles are anti-slip which is essential for safety and provides extra grip.

Where can EVA Foam be used?

EVA Foam can be used in various applications, especially where kids are involved. These tiles are an excellent flooring option for playrooms, creches, yoga floors, and can even be used as a tent surface. They can also be used as a flooring option where light applications or fitness will be done and where a comfortable and cushioning surface is needed.

How can you customize your space with EVA Foam?

There are various, diverse EVA Foam tile options on our online web-shop. These tiles are offered in various prints, including letters and numbers. The diversity of these options gives you the opportunity to customize your own space. There are different colours, as well as different patterns that you are able to make use of. Customizing your space makes it special and unique.

Where can you get EVA Foam?

Rubber Online has fantastic quality EVA Foam options to suit your needs, with a wide range of colours and designs to choose from. Our EVA Foam tiles come in a set of 4 tiles, and this includes edging so that the finished product presents a clean, neat, attractive, and enjoyable floor. Give your kids (and knees) the comfort they deserve!

EVA Foam: