Anti-slip Cable Matting – 10m x 50cm x 3mm

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Additional Information

Length (m) 10
Width (cm) 50
Thickness (mm)3
Quality SBR
Executionsmall ribbed top, reverse cloth impression
Working Temperature-10°C / +70°C

Rubber Cable Mat: The Ultimate Cable Shield

Introducing Your Cable Saviour

Step into the world of our Rubber Cable Mat—a perfect blend of protection and convenience for your cable needs. Dealing with moisture, dirt, or random mishaps with your cables? Say no more. Our Rubber Anti-slip Cable Mat is designed to combat these very challenges, ensuring that your cords remain in pristine condition.

Walk with Confidence

One of the primary perks of this mat is its seamless integration into any environment. Lay it out, and you can walk over it without a second thought. No more tripping over rogue cables or dealing with the inconvenience of tangled wires. The cable mat ensures that every step you take is safe and obstruction-free.

Dimensions to Delight

With a generous width of 50 cm and an impressive length of 10 meters, this mat has got quite the reach. Whether it’s for a short span or an extended stretch, it ensures complete cable coverage. And there’s more—it’s slim, with a thickness of only 3 mm. This not only makes it discreet but also super adaptable.

Tailor-Made Just for You

While our ribbed cable mat comes in a standard size, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why it’s crafted from a flexible rubber material that’s easy to trim. Whether you need a smaller piece for a cosy corner or a unique shape to fit a specific area, a simple cut is all it takes. Design it your way!

An Event Essential

When you think of bustling events, the last thing you want is cable chaos. That’s where our Rubber Cable Mat truly shines. With its protective properties and ease of use, it’s the unsung hero at many events. Lay it out, and let it guard your cables while you focus on the main event.

In Conclusion

Our Rubber Cable Mat is more than just a protective layer. It’s a commitment to safety, adaptability, and aesthetics. Whether you’re hosting a grand event, setting up a workspace, or just seeking an everyday cable solution, this mat promises to deliver. Dive into a world of convenience and protection. Opt for the best, and let your cables breathe easy.

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