Reflective Wheel Chock – 26x16x19cm

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Additional Information

Length (cm)26
Width (cm)16
Height (cm)19
Weight capacity20 ton
Weight (kg)3
HardnessCa.85 Shore A
Colourblack & yellow

Essential Safety with Rubber Wheel Chocks

Ensuring safety in loading dock environments is paramount. Heavy Duty Wheel Chock are a crucial tool to have, and they play a significant role in preventing accidents. Our moulded rubber wheel chocks are the solution you need to enhance safety in such situations.

Enhanced Stability with Sloped Design

The moulded rubber wheel stopper is designed with a sloped shape that increases its holding capacity. How? By allowing the truck tires to roll onto the chock face, it creates a secure grip that prevents the vehicle from rolling or shifting. This ingenious design ensures that your loading and unloading processes proceed without any unexpected movement.

Convenient Carrying with Rubber Handle

For added convenience, our Heavy Duty Wheel Chock come equipped with a rubber handle. This handle makes it easy to transport and position the chocks as needed. It’s a small but significant feature that simplifies your daily operations, saving time and effort.

Built to Last with Exceptional Durability

We understand the importance of durability in industrial settings. Our wheel blocks are constructed to resist tearing, abrasion, and the effects of weathering. Their robust build ensures they will faithfully serve your needs for many years. You can count on these wheel chocks to maintain their performance under challenging conditions.

Meeting OSHA Requirements

Safety regulations are essential in any workplace, and our tire chocks meet all OSHA requirements. You can have confidence in using them to maintain a secure and compliant working environment. With these chocks in place, you’re taking a proactive step towards safety and adhering to the necessary standards.

Invest in Safety with Rubber Wheel Chocks

Investing in safety is an investment in the well-being of your workforce and the efficiency of your operations. Our rubber wheel stops offer a simple yet effective solution to prevent accidents and unexpected movements in loading dock environments. With their sloped design, convenient handles, exceptional durability, and OSHA compliance, these chocks provide the peace of mind you need when it comes to safety. Don’t compromise on safety; choose our rubber wheel chocks to safeguard your workplace and protect lives.

Upgrade Safety with Our Range of Safety Products

Interested in enhancing safety within your workplace? Look no further. At RubberOnline, we offer a diverse selection of safety products designed to create a secure and compliant working environment. These safety products provide the peace of mind you need when it comes to safety. Don’t compromise on safety; choose from our wide range of safety products to safeguard your workplace and protect lives.


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