Rubber Wheel Stop – 55x15x10cm

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Additional Information

Length (cm)55
Width (mm)15
Height (cm)10
Weight (kg)5
Colourblack & yellow

Introducing the Rubber Wheel Stopper: Your Safety Solution for Parking

The primary purpose of our Rubber Wheel Stopper is to protect your parking area. They prevent vehicles from encroaching on designated parking spaces, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring organized and efficient parking.

Durable Rubber Construction

Constructed from tough rubber, our wheel stoppers are built for daily use. They are sturdy, barring the weight of vehicles without showing signs of wear and tear. Their strong construction guarantees they stay in place, offering dependable performance over time.

Enhanced Visibility with Reflecting Strips

Incorporating safety into their design, our Rubber Parking Curbs feature bright yellow reflecting strips. They act as an additional safety feature, making drivers and pedestrians more conscious of the curb’s presence and location. This heightened visibility reduces the chances of accidents and ensures a safe parking environment.

Simple and Secure Installation for Long-Lasting Protection

Installing our car stopper is a straightforward and secure process. To ensure stability, you need to firmly attach these curb stoppers to the floor. Their substantial weight and durable construction guarantee they remain in place, providing long-lasting protection to your parking area. With basic tools, you can quickly and confidently position them where needed. This ensures they won’t shift or move, even in the face of repeated vehicle contact. In just minutes, you can change your parking area into a safer and more organized space, all thanks to the reliable installation of our robust Rubber Parking Curbs.

Versatile and Multipurpose

Its versatility allows you to use it in various settings.  They’re versatile and adaptable, making them a valuable addition to various environments.

Invest in Safety and Convenience

Enhance safety in your garage, driveway or carport!

For those who understand that safety isn’t a checkbox but a commitment, our comprehensive collection of safety products awaits.


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