Rubber Drop Over Cable Cover 2 channel – 1m x 30cm x 5cm

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Additional Information

Length (m) 1
Width (cm) 30
Height (cm) 5
MaterialDurable Rubber
Channel size (cm) 3.6x3.6
Hardness A85
Weight Capacity 1.5 ton

Rubber Drop-Over Cable Cover: Your Ultimate Cable Guardian

Snapshot Introducing the Rubber Drop-Over Cable Cover often referred to as the rubber cable bridge. It’s a simple, yet highly effective solution tailored for every cable or hose protection need. Whether inside your warehouse or out in your bustling backyard, this cover has got your cables shielded.

Made to Last Crafted from top-quality rubber, this cable cover boasts unparalleled durability. Not only does it withstand regular foot traffic, but it also resists the wear and tear of harsh weather conditions. So, come rain or shine, it’s there, holding strong, keeping your cables safe.

Hassle-Free Setup But there’s more. Gone are the days of lengthy installations. Our rubber cable bridge shines in its simplicity. Thanks to its intuitive interlocking design, setting it up is a breeze. Just lock the pieces together, and you’re done. Moreover, no need for any sticky adhesives or complex fixtures. It firmly sits on any surface without any attachment, making it a dream for quick setups and relocations.

Versatile by Design Indoor gaming room or outdoor garden party? No worries. This cable cover fits seamlessly in both environments. Its sleek design doesn’t just protect; it also blends, ensuring your spaces look as neat as ever. Ready to find the perfect match for your cable management needs? Explore our comprehensive collection of cable protectors today.

Safety Above All The rubber material ensures a sturdy grip, reducing any chances of slippage. Moreover, the bridge design ensures that cables, cords, and hoses stay protected, preventing any accidental trips or snags. Safety and functionality hand in hand— that’s our promise.

Eco-Friendly Choice Our commitment extends beyond just product quality. We care for the planet, and this cable bridge stands as a testament to that. Being recyclable, it not only serves its immediate purpose but also contributes to a greener future.

Wrap-Up In essence, our Rubber Drop-Over Cable Cover isn’t just a product; it’s a promise. A promise of quality, safety, and sustainability. With an easy setup, versatile design, and robust protection, it’s the bridge your cables have been waiting for. Dive in and give your cables the protection they deserve.


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