Rubber Fingertip Mat on Roll 1m x 10m

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Step onto Comfort

Firstly, let’s introduce our Rubber Fingertip Mat on Roll. More than just a mat, this product transforms the way you treat your feet. Designed to provide comfort and safety, this mat is your go-to solution for any high-traffic area.

Clever Design

Next, let’s explore its design. Our mat features raised rubber “fingertips” that scrape off dirt and dust from shoes. These raised tips offer a double benefit: they keep your floors clean and give your feet a nice massage as you walk.

Built to Last

Now, let’s talk toughness. Our mat is crafted from high-quality rubber. This makes it strong and durable, ready for heavy foot traffic. Day after day, it will stand up to the challenge, providing reliable performance.

Roll Out the Welcome

On to size – our Rubber Fingertip Mat comes in a roll. This makes it super easy to cover larger areas. You can cut the roll to fit any space perfectly. This flexibility makes it a handy solution for any setting.

Cleaning Made Easy

When it’s time to clean, our mat has you covered. The rubber material is easy to wash. A quick hose down is all it takes to get it looking fresh and clean again.

Safety First

Let’s not forget safety. Our mat’s rubber material and fingertip design make it slip-resistant. It provides a firm grip on the floor, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Fits Anywhere

Finally, our mat is versatile. Whether it’s a shop entrance, a busy office, or your home’s front door, this mat fits right in. It’s a useful tool that can enhance any space.

A Smart Choice

In conclusion, our Rubber Fingertip Mat Roll is a great investment. It’s strong, easy to clean, and versatile. Plus, it improves safety and adds comfort to your space. Try it out today and feel the difference it can make.

Additionally we also keep smaller fingertip doormats in stock which might fulfil your requirements when looking for an entrance mat. These rubber fingertip doormats do have sloping edges to prevent tripping.


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