Coir Mat on Roll – 2m x 10 meters

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Additional Information

Length (m)10
Width (m)2
Thickness (mm)17
Applicationindoor & sheltered outdoor
Sales Unitroll

Welcome on Board

To start, let’s look at our Coir Carpet Roll. It’s not just any mat. This is a one-of-a-kind mat designed to be your ultimate flooring solution. Its job is simple – to keep dirt out and make your entrance look good. This mat comes in a convenient roll of 2 meter by 10 meters, ready to spruce up your space.

Natural Beauty

Next, let’s focus on the material. Our mat is made of coir, a natural fibre from coconut husks. This gives it a beautiful, rustic look. The coir fibres are tough and good at brushing off dirt from shoes. These mats are also known as  Coconut Matting on a Roll.

Stands Up to Dirt

Moving on, let’s talk about its ability to handle dirt. Our Coir Carpet Roll is a champion when it comes to keeping dirt out. The rough coir fibres are great at capturing dirt, dust, and mud from shoes. This helps keep your indoor spaces clean and tidy.

Cut to Fit

When it comes to size, our Coir Carpet Roll gives you the freedom to choose. Since it comes in a roll, you can cut it to fit your space perfectly. Whether you have a small doorstep or a large entrance, this mat has you covered.

Simple Care

Now, let’s talk about care. Our Coir Mat is easy to clean. A quick shake or a simple sweep is all it takes to get rid of the dirt. This feature makes it low-maintenance and practical for daily use.

A Warm Welcome

Lastly, our Coir Carpet Roll brings a touch of warmth and welcome to any entrance. It’s more than just a functional piece. It adds character and style to your home or office.

A Wise Choice

To wrap up, our Durable Coir Mat on Roll is a great investment for your entrance. It’s a combination of natural beauty, toughness, and practicality. This mat does more than just keep dirt out – it enhances the look of your space. Try it out today and see the difference it makes.

Overall, coir brush mats are a popular choice for households and businesses looking for a durable and effective doormat that can withstand outdoor conditions while keeping interiors clean.


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