Rubber Ringmat on Roll 9.25m x 1m – 10mm

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Additional Information

Length (m)9.25
Width (m)1
Thickness (mm)10
Hardness60° Shore A ± 5°
Working Temperature-10°C / +70°C

Rubber ring mat on a roll 9.25m x 1m – 10mm

Rubber Ringmat on Roll 9.25m x 1m – 10mm is a type of floor or mat made from SBR. The mat is commonly used for various applications in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Here are some key features and uses of a rubber ring mat on a roll:


  1. Material: The rubber runner provides durability and resilience as it is made from high-quality rubber.
  2. Design: It typically consists of a series of interconnected rings or raised circular patterns also known as honeycomb mats or flooring. Which offer slip resistance and grip.
  3. Roll format: The mat comes in a roll form, allowing for easy installation and customization to fit different areas or spaces.
  4. Size and thickness: This particular ring mat comes in a 9.25 meter length, 1meter width and a thickness of 10mm. Other ringmats at Rubber Online are available in various widths, lengths, and thicknesses to accommodate different requirements and preferences.
  5. Versatility: Rubber Ringmat on Roll 9.25m x 1m – 10mm is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Therefore they can withstand different weather conditions and provide protection for underlying surfaces.


  1. Industrial and commercial settings: Many pick this Rubber Ring mat on Roll 9.25m x 1m – 10mm rubber mat for places like factories and warehouses. They help prevent slips and falls, and protect the floor from damage.
  2. Playgrounds and recreational areas: People use these mats in playgrounds, sports fields, and fun areas to give softness and prevent fall injuries. Often sold as a pool runner!
  3. Entrance areas: Many put these mats at entrances in office buildings, hotels, and public spots. With their raised ring design, these mats scrape off dirt and moisture from shoes. As a result, they keep the area clean and safe.
  4. Agricultural applications: People use rubber roll mats in animal pens, horse stalls, and farms to make a comfy, non-slip spot for animals.
  5. Catering industry: Employees in restaurant kitchens and bars benefit from ring mats with bevelled edges to minimize tripping accidents. Our ramp mats are the best for that.

Furthermore, if you’re thinking about buying a rubber ring mat on a roll, first evaluate your specific needs. Then, consider aspects like size, thickness, and purpose.


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