Safety First: It’s a Chain Reaction!

Are you looking for a way to cordon off an area? Do you need something to help you with crowd control, whether it is in a store or at an event? Do you need a product that helps to provide an excellent, organized system when used for traffic control and vehicle direction? The answer to your problems can be found right here on our website: Plastic Chains. This product is a simple solution to what can often be a frustrating and time-consuming process.

Where can you use plastic chains?

The possibilities on where one can use plastic chains are endless. They can be used at events to separate different sections, such as a VIP section. They can be used at stores to indicate where people should stand in line. They can be used in parking areas to close off certain bays or indicate which parking spaces are reserved. Plastic chains are extremely useful when used in warehouses or industrial areas to close off certain sections, provide a protective barrier around dangerous machinery, and indicate which areas vehicles have access to. Another extremely important use of plastic chains is to control and direct traffic.

What are the benefits of using them?

There are endless benefits to using plastic chains. When used to cordon off specific areas, the chains aid in maintaining control and order within your space. It’s important to provide direction and indicate which areas are accessible, where to access areas, and which spaces are designated for which activities. Especially when used for crowd control, maintaining order is dependent on providing direction on where to go for which activities. The most essential benefit of using these chains is that it provides an element of safety to whichever area you are using it in. When it comes to any sort of event or space that requires a form of crowd control or warning, it’s always safety first!

Our plastic chains are a simple solution because they are much lighter than their metal counterparts, therefore making it an easy process to set them up for temporary use and store them afterward. Another benefit of these chains is the colour: they are offered in bright colours, making them extremely visible which is exactly what you need when focused on safety within the designated area. Our chains are available in Red/White; Yellow; and Black/Yellow, so you can choose which chain best suits your application and needs. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, as they are both UV and weather resistant.

How do you set them up?

The set up of our plastic chains is a simple and straightforward process. Although you are free to attach the chain to whichever items and in whichever way you see fit, we also provide separate products that can be used in conjunction with the chains. In order to set up a line of plastic chains, you can use our Flexible Post Chain Adaptors and our Flexible Barrier Posts. The chain is attached to the adaptor and inserted into the barrier post. All these products are lightweight and long-lasting.

Where can you find these products?

Rubber Online has all the products needed to set up a plastic chain barrier for whichever application you require it for. Our plastic chains are available in various colours, different thicknesses, as well as various lengths. The Flexible Barrier Posts on our website also come in two different colours, to suit your needs. Protect yourself and the people around you by making sure there is order and direction, because it’s always Safety First!

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