Rubber Fingertip Mat 150x90cm – 11mm

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Additional Information

Length (cm)150
Width (cm)90
Thickness (mm)11

Introducing Our Robust Rubber Fingertip Mat

Are you in search of a durable, easy-to-clean, and versatile mat for your space? Look no further! We proudly present our premium quality Rubber Fingertip Mat 150x90cm . Perfectly designed to resist heavy foot traffic while adding an aesthetic appeal to your surroundings, this mat is more than just a utility item.

Unmatched Durability

To start with, this mat is designed to last. Made from robust, high-quality rubber, it boasts unmatched durability. Crafted to endure the heaviest traffic, it is ideally suited for use in both residential and commercial spaces. The rubber material ensures the mat retains its shape and functionality, even under constant stress.

Superior Traction

What sets our Rubber Fingertip Mat 150x90cm  apart is its enhanced traction capabilities. Thanks to the unique ‘fingertip’ design, the mat provides superior grip, effectively reducing the risk of slips and falls. Not only does this feature make it safe for all age groups, but it also makes it an ideal choice for environments where stability is paramount.

Convenient Cleaning

Additionally, our mat doesn’t require any complex cleaning procedures. Even under heavy usage, it stays clean with minimal maintenance. Its rubber material can simply be rinsed with water, making cleaning an absolute breeze. The rubber construction also resists water absorption, ensuring your mat stays dry and ready for use at all times.

Versatile Application

Furthermore, our Rubber Fingertip Mat 150x90cm offers remarkable versatility. Whether you’re looking to protect your home’s entryway, office lobby, or the flooring in a commercial establishment, this mat caters to all your needs. The standard 150cm x 90cm size ensures a perfect fit for most spaces, while the 11mm thickness provides ample cushioning. Would you prefer this mat on a roll to cut to the desirable size we offer you?

Enhanced Aesthetics

Last but not least, our mat comes with a refined finish that blends seamlessly with your décor. The mat’s neutral colour complements any style, making it an elegant addition to your space. With its stylish design, our Rubber Fingertip Mat not only serves a practical function but also enhances your space’s aesthetics.

In conclusion, our 150cm x 90cm, 11mm thick Rubber Fingertip Mat offers you the perfect blend of durability, safety, convenience, versatility, and style. It’s a reliable choice that enhances your living or working space, keeps it clean, and ensures maximum safety for everyone. Experience the difference today and elevate your space with our premium quality mat.


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